Oil & Gas Division

Oil & Gas Division

Our Oil & Gas Division is providing total piping solutions to Oil & Gas, Power Plants, Ship Building, Petrochemical and Water Treatment Industries .We are a Project package specialist for the distribution of steel pipes and tubes, fittings, flanges, valves and other piping components with in-house design capabilities all over the world.

We have created an extensive track record in the supply of materials and services for worldwide capital projects. This experience has been gained over many years and has resulted in the development of relevant expertise and capabilities

We add value to our products through inventory management and logistics, machining operations and customized services. Our greatest strength, however, is undoubtedly our knowledge of products, materials and applications.

We are providing following Value added Service to our clients:

Prefabricated Spools

We are specialized in design, manufacture and supply of pre-fabricated piping spools and injection skid to various industries in Oil & Gas and Power & Water Treatment Industries.

Lab Testing

We also facilitate our clients additional needs in order to meet project requirements in line with Project Specifications and supplementary requirements as per material standards.

Material Coating

We are providing coating solutions like Epoxy, 3LPE, 3LPP, PU, CTE, GI Painting and coating, Concrete Weight Coating and Liquid Epoxy and Concrete lining as per DIN, BS, AWWA and other international Standards for our clients.

Vendor Data Record

At the final stage/order completion stage, the project requirement is fulfilled by supporting it with the Vendor Data Record (VDR) according to project requirements in customer's special format or as per our documentation Procedure.